Venue on 13 December: Gasthuisberg campus

Once you reach Leuven by train, walk into direction of the city (towards decreasing platform numbers) in order to exit the train station and find the bus terminals located on the right side. Labels indicate the bus company De Lijn. Take the bus number 3 in the direction of Gasthuisberg, which should depart from platform number 4. You can find the bus 3 timetable here.

In case you’re coming from a different part of the city (e.g. from your hotel), it might be convenient to use De Lijn route planner. Bus terminals station is called “Station Leuven [B]”, for the venue on 13 December use “Halte Leuven Gasthuisberg Campus”, and for the venue on 14 December “Halte Heverlee Celestijnenlaan”. You can also enter the address of your accommodation in the route planner in order to get travel directions.

You can buy the bus ticket from the driver (approx 3 EUR) or via text message (send DL to number 4884, price approx 2 EUR).

Get off the bus at the very last station (Gasthuisberg campus). The station before will be the Hospital UZ Gasthuisberg. Once you’ve reached Gasthuisberg campus station, follow the bright blue trajectory on the map below: return a few steps back to the main road (pink on the map), and go to the large staircase surrounded by two buildings on the opposite side of the street.
Important note: due to construction works in the area, the last stop of bus number 3 is changed and is now in front of the O&N2 building – the bus makes a right turn from the main campus ring, follows the green part on the maps below until it reaches the Red Cross building, and then comes back down using the ring road until it reaches the yellow O&N2 building. You will have to go a few steps back to reach the staircase described above.


Climb up the stairs and make a left turn in order to enter the income hall of the O&N2 building (green arrow on the map below). The following sites (red on the map below) will be used:

  • HP5 (05.204) and HP7 (05.208) classrooms for the workshops
  • BMW2 auditorium (04.220) for the keynote lecture
  • Income hall for the coffee break


Venue on 14 December: Arenberg campus


From the bus terminals next to the train station, take bus number 2 in the direction of Heverlee. It should depart from platform number 6. You can find the bus 2 timetable here. See above for more details about the bus ticket purchase and organizing your arrival if coming from a different location within the city.

Get off the bus at the station Celestijnenlaan (one of the last stations). Walk back for some 200 meters the same way from which the bus came, until you see a blue sign “auditorium oude molen” on the left side of the road. Follow the signs to reach the venue place – Auditorium Oude Molen.

The lunch and poster session on the day 2 will be organized in the Canteen of the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT; circled red on the map below), which is within the walking distance from the Auditorium Oude Molen. The Canteen is located at the first floor of the NEW BUILDING. Signals will be placed to guide people from the main and back entrance of the building to the canteen.

Screenshot 2017-08-31 17.14.49

Canteen of the department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Arenberg Campus



Leuven provides a wide range of hotels:

Participants are requested to contact the hotel directly.


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