Workshop 1

Handle your data the tidy way: Data science using R and the tidyverse.

By Stijn Wittouck and Sander Wuyts

The use of R in the data science field has increased enormously the last few years. One very useful toolkit for a wide variety of analyses is the ‘tidyverse’: a collection of R-packages used for data manipulation, exploration and visualization that share a common design philosophy. Tidyverse packages are intended to make statisticians and data scientists more productive by guiding them through workflows that facilitate communication, and result in reproducible work products.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between tidy and untidy data
  • How to create tidy datasets and manipulate them using the main tidyr and dplyr verbs
  • Make your results reproducible by using Rmarkdown and Rstudio
  • Integrate data visualisation into your workflow using ggplot2
  • Apply the tidyverse to biological problems

LEVEL: A very basic knowledge of the R programming language (or any other programming language) is expected.

We expect a little bit of R-experience for this workshop. If you’re already an R-wizard but never did anything using Tidyverse, then this workshop is a great introduction to it! If you’re not an R-wizard but now a little bit of R, then this course is a great way to improve your R-skills fast.

If you’re already pretty good with Tidyverse, I guess we can not help you as this is an introduction

Please remember to bring your own laptop with the last version of R installed.

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Workshop 2

Branding and developing yourself to better access the labour market.

By Stefan Wellens

To access the labour market in a proactive way, it is important to be capable of branding yourself. Branding yourself starts from a knowledge of who you are and what role you would like to take in the job market. In this workshop we will offer you insights how to pitch yourself. Being capable of adapting your CV and building an action plan to continue with a focused development plan. The workshop is aimed at Doctoral and Post-doctoral researchers as the material we offer will be tailored towards them.

The trainer: your trainer, Stefan Wellens works as a career coach/trainer at KU Leuven.  Passionate about learning and development, he facilitates doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to develop their transferable and career management skills. He formerly worked as a senior consultant in talent and development and experienced working with national and international teams at Nike, Toyota Motor Europe, Proximus, NMBS.

Registration for this workshop is closed